A ROW80 / Post Comicon Update

July 27, 2011 2 comments

ROW80 update for 7/27/11, wow, what happened to July? I swear this month has just flown by. So this week I am happy to report that I finished scripting Act 1 of my graphic novel, yay! So happy about that, setting everything up was really starting to weigh on me. Really looking forward to working on supporting characters, subplots, etc.

Last week I sent my 5 page Future Shock script (see previous post) to a friend for proofing. I am fortunate to have befriended Ben Schwartz, owner of Empire Comic Vault in Sacramento, CA. If ever in Sacto check them out, Ben’s a great guy. Ben also writes and self-publishes his own comics under ECVPress, which I hope to possibly mirror some day, so getting his take on my work was pretty cool. He replied to my script with some great feedback that I plan to sit down and go through today, before finalizing and submitting to 2000AD.

As far as the goal to write a poem a week, still a WIP. But I write poetry for fun so no pressure there.

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San Diego Comicon was CRAZY last weekend! If you want spectacle, hordes of people, and the longest lines you’ve ever seen, San Diego Comicon is the place to be. I know a guy who stood in line 4 hours for the Game of Thrones panel and still didn’t get in, crazy! Long story short, there was no networking or work accomplished at all, we just had fun taking in the spectacle of the whole thing. If you want to show your work or talk to creators, I recommend a smaller con like Wondercon or APE in San Francisco, which are both great.

I have to say we had a blast with my daughter’s cosplay though. She went as Katniss from The Hunger Games and was mobbed all day with people asking for her picture. We even got a movie replica mockingjay pin from The Lionsgate booth that really set her costume off. She had such a good time with it.

Click my daughter’s picture to link to the reference photos of Jennifer Lawrence I used to make her costume. You can also click the photo of the pin for a link to the article showing the Lionsgate Comicon booth promo.

This is what makes SD Comicon great, it’s so crowded but there are tons of ways to make your own fun. If you go, have some people in your group dress up and really make the most of it. We even went into the game room and played a couple of board games to escape the crowds. So although overwhelming at times, we made some lasting memories and it really was a great father/daughter trip.

Ok, long enough post I think, back to work people!

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Yay Progress!

July 20, 2011 4 comments

For this ROW80 check-in I am happy to say that I have completed Act1 of my graphic novel script and started a rough draft of a Future Shock script I intend to submit to 2000AD.

“Future Shocks are self-contained, five page science-fiction short stories with a twist ending. That means you only have five pages to establish your situation and protagonist, develop the situation through dramatic conflict, and then resolve it with an unexpected twist ending.” – From 2000AD website

This 2000AD project was presented to me after the ROW80 round started, so I’m including it as part of my goals for this round. As far as being measurable, I’d like to submit 3 Future Shock stories before round 3 is over.

So there you go, been pretty busy. Comic Con this Friday, yay! Going with my daughter, should be a lot of fun. I’ll post pics when I get back.

Have a great weekend guys. Click here to check-in with the ROW80 gang

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San Diego Comic Con 2011

July 18, 2011 1 comment

Just wanted to post a few pics of my daughter’s comic con costume that we’ve been working on this week. She’s Katniss from The Hunger Games

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7/17/11 ROW80 Check In

July 17, 2011 9 comments

Funny thing, I’ve been unproductive with my writing this week, but creative and very productive in other areas, so I don’t feel too bad about it really.

Last week I went on a 5 day road trip with the kids, didn’t do any writing at all but I did do some reading, and we had a great time just hanging out together and seeing some old friends. Since being back I’ve been working every day on my daughter’s costume for San Diego Comic Con, which is next weekend. So we’ve had a lot of fun doing that too, she’s really excited. So the creative juices have been flowing, with story elements swirling around my brain all the while. All-in-all it’s been a very fun week. Gonna try to write some tomorrow, have a good week everyone.

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A ROW80 Blitz Update

July 7, 2011 4 comments

Man, oh man, how could I neglect the very first check-in?!

Ok, so checking in a day late, what have I done? Well, my graphic novel script continues to lie dormant for some reason. I think it’s on summer vacation. I have however been communicating fairly regularly with my artist partner on the project, and he has been sketching and doing rough layouts for the first 25 pages that I sent him a while back. He’s currently drawing the prologue to the story and my current WIP is to script Act 1. I think my hesitation to work on the script is some sort of defense mechanism. Like, I want to see what he produces before I move on or something. I dunno, weird. But when these things happen, writer’s block, etc., I find it’s best to just let it play itself out. Not gonna force the issue, just let your creative mind wonder and go where it needs to.

On that note, I did write another poem. Here’s my take on my own poetry, I’m fascinated by how much I love to write it, realize that it’s mostly crap, and somehow find that hilariously entertaining. When they say that you should do things because you love doing them, regardless of quality, what others may think, etc., that’s what poetry is to me.

I realized a while back that my inner poet is apparently a 7th grade girl who cries a lot, haha. She’s cynical and naive, a bit narcissistic, and I can’t control her. She reminds me of Moaning Myrtle from the Harry Potter series, haha. And as a 39 year old man with a wife, kids, etc., it’s fun to let this side of me out and just say whatever, know what I mean?

I’ve tried to write poetry in different styles of voice and phrases, but when verses pop into my head they always have this childish or immature spin on them that take me back to when I was in high school, it’s fun. I’ve stopped fighting it and learned to just go with it. So, get in touch with your inner “whoever,” and give them an outlet, let them say something. Don’t wait a year for them to be realized in your novel, let them do something now, like write a poem.

One simple poetic form is the Blitz Poem. It’s a 50-line poem of short phrases where you basically repeat words from previous phrases as you make your way down the lines. You can read more about it at the Poetic Asides blog on Writer’s Digest. So give it a shot. Write it as a character from one of your stories or maybe you have an inner poet who has something to get off their chest. Either way, have fun with it. Here’s mine:

Mind without Link

Pollute the life
Pollute the mind
Mind your head
Mind your child
Child of God
Child of War
War of one
War for none
None so cold
None to share
Share the whole
Share the air
Air to breathe
Air on fire
Fire for warmth
Fire to fry
Fry the sides
Fry to a sear
Sear through the skin
Sear to the core
Core out the pit
Core from the flesh
Flesh from the game
Flesh out a plan
Plan out the hunt
Plan to win
Win to move on
Win at all cost
Cost is the same
Cost is too much
Much like the rest
Much as I want
Want without fear
Want to be free
Free to exist
Free in peace
Peace as a myth
Peace out of reach
Reach for the stars
Reach for your hand
Hand with loose grip
Hand letting go
Go for it all
Go up the chain
Chain to the wall
Chain with one link
Link back to me
Link that is missing

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ROW80 goals, round 3

July 5, 2011 4 comments

My first full round of ROW80, yay! Very simply, my goals for round 3 are:

– Write at least one script page a day to complete my graphic novel
– Follow the poetry prompts on Writer’s Digest and write 1 poem a week

Good luck to the entire ROW80 gang, I’ll be pulling for you!

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Poetry Prompts

June 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Looking forward to a full round of ROW80 starting July 4th. I’m still considering goals for round 3, but I think a weekly poem is going to be one of them.

I get weekly updates in my Twitter crawl from Writer’s Digests, Poetic Asides, and just for fun I’ve done a couple of them. But I’m thinking a weekly poem could be good for the soul, not to mention working through my creative processes, so I’m gonna try it.

With this week’s poetry prompt you had to:

1. Remember a person you haven’t seen in at least 3 months.
2. Remember a specific moment with that person.
3. Write a poem based off of that moment with that person.

So, here’s mine. It’s based on a long distance relationship I had with someone. One that ended prematurely, at a time when I was too young to really know how to keep it going once things got hard, etc. It’s all good now though, haha, we still keep in touch through email and stuff. I was at a very impressionable age when it happened though, so it stayed with me a long time. Anyway, enjoy. I wrote it yesterday, it’s called, Sense to Pause.

Sense to Pause

As unsure as this
Concerning life, then
Without consequence
Without sense to pause
Holding on within
Without sense to feel
Without knowing you

To fight against fate
Our prescribed bend in time
A force I could only hope to resist
Before the fabric tore, and sordid seas
Broke my insides free

Till I drew the end
And watched you drift away
With tears in your eyes
Without right to cause
Till in light I blinked
Struck by a distant ray
Not till you were gone
Did I see you

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