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Poetry Prompts

Looking forward to a full round of ROW80 starting July 4th. I’m still considering goals for round 3, but I think a weekly poem is going to be one of them.

I get weekly updates in my Twitter crawl from Writer’s Digests, Poetic Asides, and just for fun I’ve done a couple of them. But I’m thinking a weekly poem could be good for the soul, not to mention working through my creative processes, so I’m gonna try it.

With this week’s poetry prompt you had to:

1. Remember a person you haven’t seen in at least 3 months.
2. Remember a specific moment with that person.
3. Write a poem based off of that moment with that person.

So, here’s mine. It’s based on a long distance relationship I had with someone. One that ended prematurely, at a time when I was too young to really know how to keep it going once things got hard, etc. It’s all good now though, haha, we still keep in touch through email and stuff. I was at a very impressionable age when it happened though, so it stayed with me a long time. Anyway, enjoy. I wrote it yesterday, it’s called, Sense to Pause.

Sense to Pause

As unsure as this
Concerning life, then
Without consequence
Without sense to pause
Holding on within
Without sense to feel
Without knowing you

To fight against fate
Our prescribed bend in time
A force I could only hope to resist
Before the fabric tore, and sordid seas
Broke my insides free

Till I drew the end
And watched you drift away
With tears in your eyes
Without right to cause
Till in light I blinked
Struck by a distant ray
Not till you were gone
Did I see you

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